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Humming Homes is a home membership service that brings together easy-to-use technology and experienced people to help you have more good days at home.
Currently, Humming Homes operates in the Hamptons, Westchester County (NY), Fairfield County (CT), Miami (FL) and Palm Beach (FL). Be on the lookout for more markets soon!


We know that questions and issues can come up when you least expect them, which is why we built a chat feature right into the Humming Homes app. You can reach your Humming Homes team at any time using your app chat. We respond in 2 hours for any general or project related inquiries. For emergencies, call our emergency phone line for immediate assistance. We respond immediately with all emergency requests, and will have your emergency triaged within 30 minutes.
Humming Homes offers a risk-free guarantee in which homeowners can to opt out of the agreement with 60 days' notice.
Our local expert will come on-site and in-person at your home. For individual projects, we will send licensed, pre-vetted vendors to your home to complete projects in a timely manner.


Starting at $199 / year, you get access to our 24/7 Emergency Line, access to our team for expertise-led managed projects, vetted vendor introductions, and access to our app (think: organization and easy communication).
Humming Homes starts at $199 / year for basic membership. For $599 / year, you receive an annual onsite home inspection to better determine your home health.
It’s easy - you sign up, get started on our app, schedule your home inspection, and then get a series of recommendations for your home’s ongoing maintenance. If you have any current projects, we’ll help with that too!
Yes - our memberships are annual memberships. You can renew your membership annually, and we’ll send you reminders throughout the year!
You can email us at memberships@humminghomes.com. We’ll take care of your cancellation for you! We ask for a 60-day opt-out.
Humming Homes has (a ton) of partner companies that we work with - you’ll have exclusive access to from companies like Sollis Health, ADT, and Douglas Ellimann.
Humming Homes operates in Westchester County (NY), Fairfield County (CT), the Hamptons (NY), Miami (FL) and Palm Beach County (FL).


You can request any of the following services from our team, and depending on the project - we’ll support you one of two ways. We’ll either support you with managing the project ourselves, or we’ll coordinate a vetted vendor introduction within 48 hours.
Managed services are projects that we manage end-to-end - from managing scope, sourcing vendors, negotiating prices, scheduling appointments, and ensuring the work is done from start to finish. Our Partner Network is for when you don’t need a long-term contract and don’t see the need for the project management - we’ll introduce you to our vetted network of hundreds of qualified service providers.
You have access to all Humming Homes vendors. For projects that we manage, we’ll be able to support in your project from start to finish. For all partner network projects, we’ll help introduce you to 2-3 vendors to help you get started.
If you have a maintenance emergency, you’ll reach out to your home advising team first and let them know what your issue is. We’ll help to diagnose, recommend a solution, and deploy a service provider quickly where needed.
For all managed services, we’ll do the work for you - find a vendor, deploy a vendor and help you get started and manage your project for the beginning. You’ll be able to track your project progress and find all details related to your project within our app.
After you sign up for a Humming Homes subscription, we’ll come on-site and inspect your home. We’ll deliver a home maintenance plan in-app, customized for your unique home.
The service fee up to 15% helps us operate Humming Homes - this will be added to any projects you want us to manage, end-to-end.
When you sign up, you’ll be assigned to your Humming Homes home advising team. This will be your go-to contact when it comes to managing your project from start to finish.

Partner Network

The Humming Homes partner network is our extensive network of curated vetted service providers.
You’ll have access to any services within our partner network - we’ll hand off warm introductions to vetted vendors, so you’re able to get started on your next project.
We handle (almost) everything with the support of our partner network. For a full list of services, click here to learn more.
Access to our partner network is included within your annual Humming Homes membership!
You can reach out to your Humming Homes home advising team to help you get started on a project within our partner network.


Being a vendor in the Humming Homes community comes with (a ton) of perks. We offer easy-access invoice payment so you don't have to chase payments down, you are connected to a steady stream of qualified leads, and we'll support you throughout the process.
No, that's the beauty of working with Humming Homes - we connect you to qualified leads, and you do what you do best — great service work.
As a service provider in the Humming Homes community, you’ll have access to our extensive network of homeowners and markets. We’re currently managing around 500+ homes and have 5 markets across the country.
You’ll receive your digital payment immediately into your account once the project is closed out.
Your Humming Homes Vendor Success Manager is your primary point of contact - they’ll support you in any billing and questions you may have as a service provider in the Humming Homes community.
To become a Humming Homes vendor, we require all service providers to have proof of business, insurance, and photos of prior work. We additionally evaluate performance ongoing, based on homeowner feedback.

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