We’re live in Westchester County (NY), South Florida, Fairfield County (CT) and the Hamptons! SIGN UP
We’re live in Westchester County (NY), South Florida, Fairfield County (CT) and the Hamptons! SIGN UP
We’re live in Westchester County (NY), South Florida, Fairfield County (CT) and the Hamptons! SIGN UP
We’re live in Westchester County (NY), South Florida, Fairfield County (CT) and the Hamptons! SIGN UP
Your life is busy.
We take home maintenance off your plate.
Humming Homes is a home management subscription to manage all of your maintenance and improvement needs, with a push of a button.
A digital subscription for all your home services needs
Your membership
How we do it
Being a Humming Homes member comes with (a ton) of perks. You have access to a team of experts who help you tackle home projects on your to-do list. You know the ones we’re talking about:
  • Your move-in checklist
  • Installing a security system
  • Organizing your cabinets
  • Swapping out light fixtures
  • Renovations (big and small)
We’re the experts in home services
Whatever you need for your home, we can handle it. We have a vendor network that we vet, select and deploy as necessary.
Immediate repairs and emergencies
Regardless of when you moved in, there’s always a huge to-do list. Our team can help manage any “break-fix” needs, provide emergency support 24/7 (for bad weather, etc.) and help with pre or post move-in checklists to give you a peace of mind.
Seasonal & proactive maintenance
Home maintenance can be a headache, but we manage all seasonal maintenance and proactive recommendations all through our App.
Making your house your dream home
Whether you want to redo your kitchen or replace your roof, we have the right tile, flooring and roofing contractors.
How does Humming Homes work?
We make a plan and put it in place — from seasonal maintenance to bigger projects.
Get your estimate
Book time to get an estimate for your home management needs.
Meet your team & onboard
Your dedicated home coordinator & local expert will onboard your home, understand your vendor needs and help tackle your maintenance to-do’s!
Receive your maintenance plan
We’ll craft a seasonal maintenance plan, manage recurring services and vendors so you can sit back and submit projects, get expertise and start humming along!
Meet your Humming Homes team
One go-to point of contact
As a home coordinator, Cynthia's background in home operations and customer service allows her to triage your repairs, manage vendors and pricing, and provide updates — guaranteeing around-the-clock customer experience.
On-the-ground expertise
As a Local Expert, John uses his 20+ years of home trades experience (HVAC, electrical, etc.) in your area to onboard your home, diagnose issues and make recommendations.
All though our app
We’ve made it easy through the Humming Homes app where you can communicate, pay invoices, submit project requests — all with the push of a button.
Take home maintenance off your plate
Take home maintenance off your plate
Your Humming Homes Membership gives you:
A tailored home management plan for your home, including weekly house visits
Access to a curated & vetted network of providers across home service categories
8 hours of guaranteed handyman contracting per year (a $400 value)
Vendor supervision, bid management and pricing transparency
Digital invoicing and and in-app bill pay
Humming Homes is growing fast
Homes we manage
Home service projects
Vendors in-network
Where we are located
We’re currently humming along in the Hamptons, NY, Miami, FL, Fairfield County, CT, and Westchester County, NY.
Miami, FL
“We love how organized the app is, for everything from communication to invoices. It’s really easy to track everything in one place, and the Humming Homes team is very responsive.”
Westchester County, NY
“Humming Homes is an awesome service for managing your home in Westchester County. The app is really easy to use, their vendors are top-notch, and they give really helpful price/quality comparisons on local service providers.”
Hamptons, NY
“As first time homeowners in the Hamptons coming from out-of-state, we were concerned about finding the right service providers and being able to manage needs while away. The Humming Homes advisors have been professional, responsive and an expert on a range of services.”
Fairfield County, CT
“Humming Homes has helped me, tremendously. They came in, assessed all of my homes’ needs and then began to assign vetted vendors and contractors to my home. And when Humming Homes tells me a vendor is coming, I know they are actually coming.”
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